Who We Are

After several small and informal gatherings of students interested in learning how to use systems modeling to address their own research questions, CSAPH was formed as an official student group in Mailman School of Public Health in September 2011 by a group of three Epidemiology students. CSAPH currently has an active executive board comprised of five students from multiple departments.

CSAPH Executive Board Biographies


Niels is the communications officer of CSAPH. He is an MPH candidate in the Department of Sociomedical Sciences, with a specialization in Public Health Informatics. He is a designer, scientist, and software developer with many interests in the domain of complex systems. He is passionate about the intersection of machine learning, natural language processing, web development, and public health research and communication.


Rashid is the vice president of CSAPH. He is an MPH student in the Columbia University epidemiology department.


Anton is a PhD student in the epidemiology department at Columbia University. His interests are prevention and intervention-driven population health programs, and developing health outcome models through system dynamics modeling for use in designing novel public health programs.


Mizuki is the president of CSAPH. She is an MPH student at Columbia University in the Sociomedical Sciences.


Stephanie Shiau is a PhD student in Epidemiology at Columbia University. She is interested in the long-term impact of HIV and its treatment on children and adolescents, as well as innovative epidemiological methods and interdisciplinary research.