Related Courses at Columbia University

This is a list of courses taught at Columbia University related to systems science. More information about course specifics and schedules can be found in the respective schools’ course catalogs.

  • B8861: Service Operations
  • B9877: Operations Consulting
  • BINFG4003: Methods for Biomedical Informatics (Symbolic Methods)
  • EAEE 9305: Complexity Science
  • IEOR E4404x and y: Simulation
  • IEOR E4505y: Operations Research in Public Policy
  • IEOR E4507x: Operations Management with Application to Healthcare
  • IEOR E4520y: Applied Systems Engineering Management
  • P6030: Methods for Research Design and Evaluation – Systems Thinking Module
  • P8160: Topics in Advanced Statistical Computing
  • P8477: Epidemiologic Modeling for Infectious Diseases
  • P8529: Analytic Methods for Health Services Management
  • P8568: Decision Analysis for Clinical & Public Health Practices
  • P8574: Advanced Seminar on Modeling for Public Health and Clinical Research
  • P9120: Topics in Statistical Learning and Data Mining I
  • P9121: Topics in Statistical Learning and Data Mining II